Promoters/Event Crew:


Rob Baggs (Chilled in a Field) - Seriously, if you are looking for stage lighting, these guys really are great.


Sophie Randles-Dunkley (Chilled in a Field) - I'd like to thank you personally for taking a punt on us and bringing your crew to make our stage look befitting of a proper festival.  You absolutely did us proud - it looked incredible all weekend long.  Thank you also for playing a part in the planning process and helping us to make sure that the festival stage delivered what we needed.   Your positivity and energy is a joy to work with - I very much hope we can work together again next year!


Simon Pickering (Sheepdog Records) - Fantastic light and Laser show, one of the best I've seen.


Darren Butler (CX3 Party) - On Behalf of the CX3 Party Crew, I would just like to thank you for a brilliant weekend of Lights, Lasers, Bubbles and much, much more .... Superb job, highly recommended


Phil Boorman (Puls Roadshow) - From the sound booth the light effects looked incredible when we had that little shower of rain on Friday night.






Amanda Gorfy - The visuals were spectacular, loved the colours and effects.



Emma Bailey - Thank you for the bubbles and lights and lasers, I enjoyed them!


Jinne Stiksma - You guys did an amazing job! It looked fabulous!


Hannah Cornwell - The lasers were amazing!


Angel Kelly Mawlabaux - I was mightily impressed with the lighting on that stage!


Andi Manaz - Stunning job ...respect!


Aggy Walker- Totally impressed with the sound and lighting! A cracking good light show with friendly staff that really enhance the musical experience...definitely recommend this cheeky monkey!


†Steve Toadstool Hugger Judd - Superb effects and visuals at the Puffin really added to the weekend.


Melissa Jones - Totally Cosmic


Audrey Futter - It was amazing. I was blown away by the visualz for the flutes. You did good, I don't think there was anyone that wasn't impressed ;)





D. Viant (DJ) - Fantastic light show from the guys at Eclectic Spacemonkey.


Miles Gorfy (DJ) - Awesome kit on the main stage, that is what a stage should look like.


Mikey Grant (Jiezuberband) - Eclectic Spacemonkey added the memorable atmospherics to what was a great headline show for us at cosmic. They had the lasers dancing through the smoke like light sabres cutting through a Glasgow smog!


Red Candy (Dancer/Performance Artist) - Good oh!! Cracking job xx


The White Russian (Viva Las Vegas) The lights were fantastic xxx


Kev Hegan (Nukli) - Lasertastic!


Bill Forwell (Flutatious) - Sunday at Cosmic Puffin with the best light show known to Cosmic people, stunning, We had a ball, great way to start the festival season.


Alex Pym (Dream Machine/ZubZub/Damidge) - Awesome visuals


Peter Out (Nukli) - No-one lights 'em up like Eclectic Spacemonkey!




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