The Eclectic Spacemonkey provides

affordable stage lighting solutions for hire 

including Lasers, Strobes, Parcans, Pinspots Moonflowers, Projections, UV (Blacklight), UV reactive equipment throws, Rope lights, Net lights (linkable to create larger nets under single control), Controllers (sound to light), Smoke/Haze/Fog effect, DMX control desk, Stands, Cables, etc.

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Fixtures without fog/smoke effect

Fixtures with fog/smoke effect (soon)

Fixtures in a stage environment

Eclectic Spacemonkey Visual/Effect/Laser/Projection Equipment List (updated 11 Nov 2014)


DMX with control desk and leads



2 x 'Radiant' dual colour lasers BLUE and GREEN

1 x 'Spectra' 3D multicolour laser

2 x 'Astro' (moving and flashing lights, fixed units) WHITE

1 x 'Firecracker' 1500w strobe WHITE

1 x Single beam laser RED

2 x NJD ‘SPECTRE’ multicolour wash lights

2 x 4 channel dimmer packs (for Parcans/Pinspots)




2 x 'Vasto' multicolour 50w

1 x 'Varna' multicolour (mushroom style) 300w

1 x 'Hallucination'multicolour (shimmering effect, can move to music or rotate) 250w

1 x 'Moonflower' multicolour 250w


10 x Parcans (choice of colour gels)

8  x Pinspots (choice of colour gels)

3 x controller units (chase/sound to light)

2 x 4ft UV (blacklight) strips

1 x 2ft UV (blacklight) caged strip

1 x small crab laser RED

1 x Small cluster laser RED and GREEN and BLUE

1 x Small strobe (manual adjustment, choice of colour gels)

6 x LED connectable via single controller net lights BLUE

1 x LED non connectable net lights BLUE

1 x LED Long string lights BLUE





1 x LARGE vertical fogger (NOT suitable for smaller venues)

1 x Small horizontal fogger

1 x LARGE bubble machine (NOT suitable for smaller venues)

1 x Medium bubble machine (NOT suitable for very small venues)

1 x LARGE mirrorball


1 x LARGE projector screen

1 x Small projector screen


1 x Powerful main projector

2 x Domestic strength projector

1 x Netbook for customisable projections

1 x PC for customisable projections and extra DMX control

1 x DVD player for fixed content projections


2 x Small UV reactive throws (good for hiding unsightly wiring/onstage equipment etc).Fully insulated backing.

1 x Medium UV reactive throw (good for hiding unsightly wiring/onstage equipment etc).Fully insulated backing.

Assorted rope lights



All stands, cables and safety wires for above as required.



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